240114 – Cleaning Product Toxicology

I woke up this at 12:20am today in an executive rental, and was overcome by the scent of cleaning products.
I felt wired and brain fogged at the same time (and still do, some 10 hours later).
When I first took possession of the unit, I immediately noticed the scents lingering from at least two products I found in the unit:
Glade Scented Plug-in – EWG Toxicology Report
Febreze Odor Spray – EWG Toxicology Report

I simply started to air the unit out, leaving the balcony door open 24/7, in hopes it would dissipate over time.
It has not (some days later), at least not to a sufficient level, and I am needing to find a new housing solution.

Here are some issues with AirBnB guests experiencing a similar problem.

This experience has led me down to find more research, surprising claims, and yet another side project to add to the stack.

For example, here are the first five ingredients in the above mentioned Glade Scented Plug-in:
Allyl heptanoate
– toxin, irritant, health hazard, environmental hazard
– irritant
– health hazard
– irritant
– environmental hazard

Some additional findings:
The Truth about Fragrance Safety
Regulatory History of Fragrance Ingredients

My main questions at this point:

> Why are these chemicals still legal for sale in household products in the USA?

> How conscious or unconscious are the manufacturing companies of these risks and effects?

> What are the most effective next steps to ensure safety and wellbeing of the commons of the USA, as it relates to these types of chemicals?