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Primary current focus:
Grant funded development and publication of
the technical alignment impossibility of
Artificial General Intelligence
with Human Values.
Supporting principal author Forrest Landry.

Current status:
The proofs have been soundly and validly established.
Electronic publication of findings complete.
Physical publication and distribution of findings in progress.

Guest post on MFLB.com on AGI.

Currently supporting:
Questline Co-op
– IT backbone services and processes
– Tech and marketing

Recently supported:
Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes Training School
– Technical and marketing consultancy services to COO

Currently offering Fractional CTO Services:
– Ensure tech effectively supports long- and short-term business goals
– Automated Metrics, ROI Analysis
– Proper tech tool selection / replacement for your specific business
– Software / Hardware development, automation, optimization
– Cost Reduction
– New Product Development
– Vetting, Hiring & Training technical staff
– Process Design, Development, and Optimization

Additional services available upon request.

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Guest post on MFLB.com

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