240109 – GuidePoint

Recent (last 12 months) experience includes:

  • Full server migration, version updating,
    and clarifying organization
    of docker-compose.yml build files
    hosting numerous applications
    for readability and future clarity of use.

  • Root and subdomain name management
    for server migration process.

  • HTTPS certificate renewal automation with
    Certbot, Nginx, and Docker Compose,
    enabling single click SSL certificate update
    with zero service interruptions.

  • Setup of internally hosted git repository
    with user managment,
    including migration of local git instances
    into centralized, redundant server.
    Grafting of discontinuous repos into a single,
    clearly trackable history where relevant.

  • Sudo user setup and management for Debian linux distros.

  • Clearly defining task scope of work,
    criteria for completion,
    time tracking and estimates,
    and inclusion of additional stakeholders
    where necessary.

Past relevant experience that may be applicable:

  • Tier 3 web service support for high transaction,
    high availability web service clusters,
    doing multiple millions of yearly transactions.

  • 500+ technical interviews conducted as interviewer,
    honing soft skills for interfacing with a variety
    of highly skilled and technical people,
    including clarity of technical writing.

  • Thousands of pages of technical and philosophical
    transcription and copy editing,
    honing skills of clarity of written communication,
    and relevant information distillation.

  • Synthesis and documentation of multiple stakeholders
    desires for marketing and launch of highly technical journal publications,
    receiving full consensus agreement for clarity of plan implementation.
  • Bachelors of Science in Software Engineering
    from The University of Texas at Dallas

  • 5+ years (ongoing) mentorship from ex-Pentagon software architect.

  • CCNA